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Oct 8, 2010
How my life keeps changing

My flow of thoughts on the day I joined Samsung and sat reflecting upon the changes around me

<Date :15 July,2009>
<Place :SEL Noida>
<Seat no : D-16>

Changes always bring apprehensions with them.New seat,new work,new colleagues,a new friends and a new routine:a new way of life.And then our own introspections -whether this change will be for good or bad?But then , we cannot escape them -changes,I mean.They are bound to happen.That is life-not still,but moving ,not constantly,but on an abrupt pace,which we never seem to be able to catch up with.
For me ,it is not an everyday thing that I get to meet so many new people in one go.Because if no significant change comes across in your life, it will take potful of effort and luck to bump into someone,who by his/her very own existence,add to your experiences of life or add to your personal growth.But a new job and you are a completely new person.You start an image building process from the very scratch and the best part is you can take the process in whatever direction you want to drive it.How you want your image to be projected -it's like building a house altogether from the very scratch.You choose a design and you start building upon it.Gradually,you move out of this conscious process and you dwell into your natural self.
Anyways,my new job,I suddenly find myself swarmed with new faces...most of them looking serious about their work.A few of these,will be my colleagues,with whom ,I'll be working in coming times.

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Oct 3, 2010
A heart...

A heart filled with pain,
embittered once again,
dreams gone in vain.
hopes down the drain

A heart so jaded,
a smile that has faded,
a life nowhere headed,
thoughts so dreaded

A heart so naive,
caught in life's games,
beats in anticipation
of a new beginning,
a new day

Posted at 02:39 am by deekshamehta
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Mar 1, 2010

I don't know
how others feel in love
there is a peace
that lives in you...

which travels to me
in times of silence
and in words
so sweet and true

And gone is
the restlessness
of my soul
and past's haunts
and my heart dwells
in a new place
in your thoughts

Posted at 09:57 pm by deekshamehta
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Feb 5, 2010
Old recounts...2009


It's been a long time since I talked about the school where I teach.Its been a few weeks , the programme is over and I already miss the kids - as if they belonged to me , their dreams as if they were mine and the responsibility of their dreams -mine. Now, suddenly my role in their lives has been wiped out completely.I could not make it to the class one of the days and my intuition told me -you would regret this -I did - my stint with those kids was over. Next time I went, it was a holiday there and after that , the programme came to an un-official, un-ceremonious end.


Onset of winters,2009

The good thing about approaching winters is various shades of winter flowers that adorn our garden.Lovely bright Chrysanthmum,-ivory,bright yellow,maroon,lavender and not-so-common  the peach one The manicured grass stands contended.Gentle grass blades with sparkling water drops bending to kiss the ground….as the gravity pulls the water droplet on the grass blade to embrace the earth.



I watched plethora of movies in last few weeks.The list includes –Pride and Prejudice (2006) for 2nd time .Pride and Prejudice(part1 and 2)(I have turned into a "pride n prejudice" expert now-except that I haven't read the novel yet)Guess,fairy tales and a tall, handsome Mr.Darcy are still my fancies :|.

Continuing with the list –other movies I watched were -  What happened in Vegas,PS I love you,Oye Lucky Lucky Oye and Sorry bhai.

Completed reading "Almost Single",after a long time I could  COMPLETE a book –implies it was interesting enough.Though storywise its a regular chick lit but the humour  part is quite good.So, I wrote down to Advaita(the authoress) and she replied.She is sooo sweet.

Currently,I am reading "The Strawberry Patch"-another novel by a lady –this talks of unsung heroines of all times.A beautiful narrative style.




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Jan 21, 2010
Waiting..once upon a time

<Written way long back>

And there I am,waiting to be understood,
for someone to realize,what it takes to be "me",
for someone to read the sadness in my eyes
for the one who makes time pass like a breeze

for someone who can  trace my sight
and find out my dreams,
for someone who fetches stars
who believes in colors and believes in me

I wait ..for the crack of dawn I wait

Posted at 08:16 pm by deekshamehta
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Nov 25, 2009
I come back again

No matter where I go , no matter how much I and my life has changed when I return back to this place,this place,this blog recognizes me , like an old friend -who has stayed there waiting for me, hoping that I 'll show up some day while I had been around the world , not even caring to speak up with my old friend, telling it at length what all experiences I had and how my dreams have come true.My old faithful friend,I belong to this place originally.This is where my roots are and will always be , even when I open up my arms and embrace new avenues.You help me stay grounded.


Posted at 06:59 pm by deekshamehta
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Oct 4, 2009
My life in a seashell....

Place :Haeundae Beach,Busan
Date : 12 Sep,2009

The dusk has set in;the sky is eerie-ready to engulf everything. It is cold like any cloudy day is. I open my eyes to find myself facing the dark sky and surrounded by lights and occasional fireworks. I am resting on sand and the seashore is close. The musical waves return to the heart of the sea after every desperate attempt to reach out to us. A cool breeze with heaviness of sea water fills my lungs. I just woke up from a deep peaceful nap.But I believe am still dreaming. Its another dreamland where I sit calmly,my feet buried in sand, facing the night,the sea,the milky waves in mud like water ;retrospecting how I spent a dream like day.

We leave for Busan beach on Friday night.It has been drizzling all the way. Raindrops falling on window panes make haphazard patterns.To some people they make sense.And me,I am simply lost in their ethereal beauty.
We reach Busan station at 3 in morning.After spending an hour at the station,craving for a cozy bed,we catch a taxi to Haeundae beach in anticipation of watching the sun rise from behind the sea.It is still dark,and still drizzling.Walking on wide empty roads of Haeundae Beach across lane of largely closed and a few open shops,we feel hungry and homeless.

After indulging in a hot cup of coffee at a coffee shop,we reach the sea shore.People are jogging around,cycling or busy with morning exercise,while we are the punctual tourists,worn out and tired  who have travelled whole night to be here.

For me,its a new space opened up inside my mind and  inside my heart.A new thread added to the beautiful world I livein my dreams-sea and its heart.

The day is unusually cold.Somehow the saltiness of water keeps me and Nidhi away from it.So,I and Nidhi stay at the shore while the guys jump in. And here,I find a beautiful sea shell. As if I have found some purpose in my life,I start walking over the beach line searching for sea shells
.With every wave, the sea will bring thousands of sea shells and take away thousands of them;as if it was opening up its treasure for us and at times, keeping some for its own.And I and Nidhi are experiencing range of emotions -disappointment -when a b'ful sea shell will be washed away by strong waves.Awed -by magnificent colors of sea shells;excitement that belongs to a kid - while looking heartily at our collection.

After spending hours collecting our treasure of sea shells.we move to Busan aquarium.Bewildered we move around looking at the myriad variety of fishes and all the wonders the sea holds in its heart.In this  world, everything is awe inspiring,magnificent and rich in hues.The sharks,queen angel fish,cow fish,sea horses,penguins,ottor,seal,piranhas,moon jelly fish,octopus,sea weeds,sea dragons,prawns-new kind of people I met.

The emerald green water of sea and the color of sand left an imprint on my heart.
And are left in my fondest of memories-the coolness that penetrated into my heart from my feet buried in sand,the breeze I could feel in my lungs,the music of milky water waves that came gushing and running and playing and took away the sand beneath my  feet.We live for such moments ,rest of the time,we just spend -for the sake of these moments;dreaming about them.And I wished, in such one moment of my life, I was with my loved ones.
While I write this ,the waves absorb me again and again;and the mystifying feeling of the sand underneath my feet knocks occasionally.


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Sep 27, 2009
Sunday again

After a loooong break,I watched two movies recently - The notebook and Madagascar1.I found both of them lovely.The notebook - I loved Jack Nicholson,his character ,his age ,his presence besides his lady only depicts a love worth cherishing .And Madagascar - great movie.Feels like home now.

Posted at 08:32 pm by deekshamehta
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Sep 19, 2009
A drop of..

A drop of dream at a time,

choosing words to fit in a rhyme,
thoughts of beloved,aspirations so high,
completes the poem...of my life.

Posted at 03:07 am by deekshamehta
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Aug 30, 2009
10 Aug,2009

<Written on the same day - 10 Aug,2009>

10th August – My first day at Samsung Headquarters at Suwon.

 This date brings agonizingly painful memories rushing back to my mind; but today,looking outside from the 10th floor window at mountains, I felt I had already seen this in my dreams; I believe this is my moment of victory. Victory in a fight which I believed was going on since forever.

The journey was long and painful, but this moment is worth it.

This day marked the completion of 12 years of that fateful day that changed my life forever. Shaped me into the kind of person I turned into and shaped my life as well.This day is symbolic..of how on this road of life ,after taking numerous turns, I have reached a point, where though I look back with mixed emotions, ahead I look forward to a tunnel of light.

I feel like Alice in Wonderland where everything is green adorned with beautiful colors. I have forgotten the agony of the grim darkness of where I come from. I am bathed in the neon lights that lit the roads I walk upon. Fallen leaves are no longer sad; I pick them up as fondly as I pick up the bright flowers. Melancholy has gained a beauty.

I remember how it used to feel. Stuck. Bound by some invisible ropes and I was struggling hard, to break free the mould I was in. When twilight used to make me write sad poems, and wait for morning. Cool breeze would moisten eyes. And moon was caught in a long wait for time to change and nights were heavy with my sighs and silent prayers for time to pass as quickly as possible.When I'd wake up every morning in a hope that this day would bring smile and went to bed every night in utter disappointment.

Now, its just light and colors and dreams and laughters.I sit back peacefully.

Posted at 11:22 am by deekshamehta
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